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Digital Literacy

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About This Course

The course is offered to those colleges that have enrolled in the NUSSD program. Currently about 33 colleges from eleven universities are participating in this program. After this pilot course is fully developed, this course will be released for all those who wish to develop useful digital literacy skills that every employee of the new digital society need to know.

Anyone who can read and write simple English, and can type using a computer can take this course. We wish the person already knows how to start and stop a computer, know how to use a key board and mouse can take this course. In case you do not have these skills, please request the voluntary teacher to provide an additional lab hour to develop these skills. About six hours of initiation to the computer will be enough to start working with the tasks of the Digital Literacy Course. For your convenience we have provided a module in this courseware, which will give you an idea of the skills and tasks that you will be able to do before you can jump into the course. These are really very elementary, so don't worry, you will gain in no time.

Access to a computer for four hours every week is essential to complete the course in the expected time. We expect about 30 hours of computer access (either in the college lab or personal computer) and 15 hours of field work. Internet access during the 30 hours of computer access time is also essential, though continous use of Internet during the course is not required. Internet is used to know about the tasks, upload the work after the task is completed for evaluation, discuss with students and mentors, and check the progress.

The course is delivered not entirely in an online mode, though all the assignments must be submitted online. Regular attendance to the lab sessions and field work (when scheduled) is essential to successfully complete the course. Voluntary teachers will assist the students in the lab sessions.

If you are not part of the NUSSD program, then you may still take the course, but we will not be able to give any certificate after completing the course. If you have interest in the program please send an email to

Course Staff

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Nagarjuna G.

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Arun Ganesh

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Amit Dhakulkar

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Chandita Mukherjee

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Haimanti Pakrashi

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    Jan 12, 2015
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    May 31, 2016